Create value for you and your customers

Optimise product handling

With idoc PANORAMA you can improve your customer service, product handling, show-casing and provide your customers with simple and flexible access to installation and mechanic manuals etc. You and your customers can, with idoc PANORAMA, view and access any type of documentation that you need for your work.

idoc PANORAMA is an interactive browser based platform and reference tool which ensures you and your customers to have access to all your documents anywhere in the world.

Customise idoc PANORAMA for you and your customers

Customise your content and interface so it fits with your customers needs.

Reduce your support time and optimise your customer service with idoc PANORAMA by granting your customers simple and flexible access and overview of the information and documentation.

idoc PANORAMA search function gives you and your customers the ability to find the correct information simple and quick.

Implement your webshop or e-learning courses on the idoc PANORAMA platform and give your customer easy access.

With idoc PANORAMA you get

All your technical documentation combined

  • An internal tool for handling documents such as: documentation, spare parts, e-learning and products
  • Overview and structure
  • Possible to export PDF

Customer service

  • Customer login
  • Reduce support time
  • idoc hotline and support
  • Customer data and history

Customised product

  • Unlimited products and categories
  • Custom made setup and functions
  • Possible to integrate webshop and e-learning

Search Function

  • Search cross-section of documents, products and manuals
  • Find relevant information quick and simple


With the basic module idoc is responsible for updating, adding, removal and editing of the content and user logins.

Basic module

  • Gives you a flexible and simple acces on any device
  • Introduction, setup and teaching by idoc PANORAMA expert for one day
  • Customises interface for your company and managing the user login

It is possible for you to expand the features of idoc PANORAMA with additional modules.
With the additional modules, you will be able to manage the content, edit the idoc PANORAMA interface and control user access.

Content Management

  • Possible for you to add, remove or edit your content
  • Possible for you to tailor the presentation of the content to your customers needs

User Management

  • Possible for you to add and remove users
  • Possible for you to define your users access on idoc PANORAMA

Export. PDF

  • Possible to produce hard copy manuals based on your content simple and fast

Contact us and we will send an expert for a personal demonstration of idoc PANORAMA.


Peer Mørk

Peer Mørk

+45 23 23 17 56

Rasmus Hjorth

Rasmus Hjorth

Head of Mil. Dep.
+45 20 94 63 78

Klaus Ramskov

Klaus Ramskov

Sales and Marketing Manager
+45 20 60 50 82

Jan Højer Pedersen

Jan Højer Pedersen

Business Development
+45 22 21 03 20

Get a specialised business partner

idoc PANORAMA is developed by idoc with the purpose of making product handling a simple and flexible experience, both for you and your customers. idoc is an engineering company there through several years of working relationships, with both the Danish Defence and private industries, have developed their expertise with documentation, technical drawings, product development, machine technic, consultancy services within engineering. At idoc flexibility and quality is the key words for our solutions and thats why we developed idoc PANORAMA.

Get a specialised business partner which is at your disposal with high-quality solutions and competent feedback at idoc and a simple and flexible solution with idoc PANORAMA.


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