All your technical documentation combined

An internal tool for handling your technical documentation such as: spare parts catalogue, manuals, product information etc.

Customized product

Unlimited products and categories, custom made setup & functions and possible to integrate webshop and e-learning

Customer service

Customer login, reduce support time, support, customer data and history


Animation and film, electronic Courses, visual and interactive
e-learning and quiz/test

idoc PANORAMA is an interactive browser based platform and reference tool which ensures you and your customers to have access to your documents such as: Spare parts catalogues, maintenance manuals, installation manuals, work files and e-learning materials etc.

The platform gives you the ability to manage and view all your product information and documents by using any kind of device, such as tablets, smartphones or computers. With idoc PANORAMA you can get access to your documentation when and where you need it.

Become more efficient with idoc PANORAMA
Because you can find the right spare part, manual or drawing on your phone or tablet while working, you will only be a few clicks from the relevant information.

No restrictions
There aren’t any restrictions on which types of files or documentation there can be integrated in the idoc PANORAMA.

You and your customers can, with idoc PANORAMA, view and access any type of documentation that you need for your work.

With the idoc PANORAMA platform you can improve your customer service and product handling.

Reduce your support time by granting your customers simple and flexible access and overview over the relevant information, that is needed to maintain and prober handle your products.

Besides having documentation and information such as; manuals, technical drawings, spare parts etc. on your idoc PANORAMA platform, you can incorporate functions like webshop.

If you chose to connect your webshop to idoc PANORAMA you shorten the customer’s journey, from the customer looking at information and documentation for a certain product, till they add to their basket without leaving your idoc PANORAMA platform.

Incorporate your e-learning material
If you choose to incorporate your e-learning material in your idoc PANORAMA, you will give your employees or customers an easy access and overview of your products and the e-learning material for the product.

You can grant your company and customers access to different e-learnings such as: Electronic courses, visual and interactive learning and quiz/test. It gives your co-workers or customers a self-learning opportunity.



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